About Us

Wiseman Excavating is a family-owned civil construction company. Civil construction for the Wiseman family started in 1960 with Jay Wiseman working out of Local 132 Operating Engineers for multiple construction companies. Jay worked on projects such as John Amos and I-64 Bridges and Highways.

Jay’s son, Brad started logging at age 21 and expanded into civil construction over the past 20 years. In 2010, Brad’s son Joe obtained a Civil Engineering Degree from WV Tech and went on to earn a professional engineering license.

The blending of the education and experiences of our officers makes Wiseman Excavating a well-rounded civil construction firm.

Wiseman Excavating Inc.

Phone: (304) 553-3598

Fax: (304) 586-3780.

Address: 515 Wiseman Farms Road, Liberty, WV 25124